Beyond Sport is a purpose-driven business which leverages the power of sport and partnership to drive sustainable social change globally.
We are an inclusive industry leader that convenes organizations,
businesses and individuals to go beyond geographic, cultural,
political and social divisions to create and share best practice
on sport-based solutions to help solve key societal issues.

thinkBeyond is global agency providing a diverse range of 
forward-thinking clients with effective and innovative
strategies, campaigns, events, content and platforms
that use sport as a tool to help improve society and
deliver strong business returns. Through its creative
and strategic use of sports as a vehicle for 
companies to do good, thinkBeyond fulfills
its clients’ desire tomake a difference, to 
be exceptional and to stand out.

thinkBeyond Talent is an established agency with an extremely
strong track record of managing and advising some of sport’s
most iconic names. In close collaboration with our clients we
work to develop talent brands that complement personal
values and ambitions, and that look beyond the immediate
to create long term career development opportunities
and personal fulfillment.

Sport Industry Group supports business across the sport sector,
bringing the industry together through a series of world-class
events, leading editorial content and a genuinely unparalleled
network of influential figures from across the British and
international sporting landscape.

Square Mile Sport is dedicated to improving the health and well-being
of all through awareness, action and shared memorable experiences
that leave lasting positive social impact. Through its flagship global
corporate event series, the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay, Square
Mile Sport uses the power of exercise and social development to
empower individuals, build teams and connect businesses in 12
cities from 10 different countries across the world.

National Student Esports (NSE) was established to create the best
university esports experience for students in the UK. We believe that
esports are a critical part of the university social experience for
future generations and endeavour to create a world where
players that engage with university esports become more
confident and successful as a result. Through partnership
with British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS), we
serve as the official body for university esports.